A rampant dictatorship

Live or die?...

Panurgism,, 2020

The new politically correct now imposes on humanity a dystopia that kills thousands of people under the pretext of saving them. 

As art and science have become inseparable, and there is no beauty without truth, it is natural for an artist to explore the hidden side of Covid-19. 

Here are the objective analyses of leading scientists on the nature of this long-planned pandemic. 

Albert Einstein was right when he said, "The state is our servant and we don’t have to be slaves to it."

Do not be afraid, strengthen your immune system with a healthy diet, change air, live and be well.

Hitler wants to vaccinate the world!

This video is a pearl. It is a parody of Hitler’s anger before the final fall. 

The captioning, completely out of step with the original version, is like a satire of propaganda in the service of a massive vaccination, a real obsession of Bill Gates.

Before bursting into anger, the Führer addresses his staff, terrorized: "All out except, Media, Government and Bill!"

Later, a young woman in tears, named WHO, is comforted by a friend: "Don’t worry, WHO, Bill will continue to pay you."

Everything is said in these dialogues. Great art.

Charm, intelligence and humour

On TV-Libertés, the guest of the day is Doctor Alexandra Henrion-Caude, geneticist who gives us her analysis of Covid-19.

She insists especially on maintaining the immune system. When the journalist coughs a little, she does not hesitate to tell him: "You can cough on me, I am healthy!"

Very perplexed about the necessity of a Covid-19 vaccine, she warns about the unfamiliar or unknown side effects.

Bravo and thanks to the journalist whose guests are always interesting; by asking the right questions, she makes each interview unique.

How far will they go?

Will they go so far as to test the degree of submission of the peoples in order to impose on them a vaccine of dubious efficacy?

Professor Perronne denounces everything!

Corruption is global"The whole system is rotten..."  Governments, the European Union, WHO, Bill Gates are corrupted by Big Pharma. "You have to kick the ant hill," he says.

When peoples remain silent in the face of such practices, they implicitly grant their consent to be deceived. Presented in a benevolent form, they walk towards a dreadful destiny that recalls the darkest hours of history,

Mark Twain, an American writer, said: "History does not repeat itself, but it rhymes." Hence the need to enter into resistance.

No to compulsory vaccination!

A petition to legislators not to impose mandatory vaccination against Covid(-19 is the buzz with currently 753,347 signatures.

Policy makers are urged to reject all calls for mass vaccination.

According to the text of the petition: "No government can force a person who has reached legal adulthood to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. Similarly, no government can vaccinate minors against the coronavirus against the will of their parents or guardians."

Nothing is more confidential than a person’s health. It must not be alienated from the interests of globalists and Big Pharma.

This petition is all the more justified since Big Pharma will be relieved of claims for compensation in the event of undesirable side effects. In other words, a vaccine offers no guarantee against a coronavirus that, by definition, mutates continuously.

Who would buy any other new product without warranty? Here it is our health, our most precious good. Our body is the only place we can breathe.

In the face of arbitrariness, let us not remain indifferent, otherwise humanity will switch to a post-humanity, where each individual will be only a zombie-consumer. Without otherness, life has no meaning.

But where is the laboratory that will invent the vaccine against rapacity?...

"Respirez, vous êtes sauvés !"

In France, to Marseille, Professor tells us the truth: "Breathe, you are saved!" according to his forecasts. And, with all due respect to its critics, the cheap hydroxychloroquine remains an effective remedy against Covid-19, when it is prescribed at the beginning of the infection.

While the epidemic is behind us, Belgium imposes the mask to all, everywhere. In a department store, I’ve seen employees say to several customers: "You have to put the mask over your nose, otherwise it’s useless!" What could be worse than ignorance? Wearing the mask in this way requires breathing some of the expired CO2. Poorly oxygenated, the brain suffers, especially since this staff is often in the effort. So much for the ravages of media poisoning. 

Does it look like Covid-19 is stopping at the border, like the famous Chernobyl cloud?..

.In The Revolted Man, Albert Camus writes: "From the moment the crime is reasoned, it proliferates as reason itself, it takes all the figures of syllogism. 
He was as lonely as the scream, and now he is as universal as the science.
Yesterday judged, he made the law today."

Le masque démasqué !

Marisa García Alonso, a pharmacy graduate from the Complutense University of Madrid, with a master’s degree in integrative complementarity, shows the results of a concerning the fabric mask.

This specialist in clinical analysis has placed several masks (including new masks) in laboratory culture, and this mandatory protection houses a nest of staphylococcus, bacteria and ceps of all kinds... 

Even when well adjusted, the mask does not prevent the transmission of the virus, which can be introduced through the eyes, especially through the tear ducts.

For the record, in 2015, when tuberculosis (though deadly) returned, no one wore a mask and everything went well.

In this video, the commentary by Laurence Martinez, Covid-19 duty nurse, is worth a visit. 

Hello, the autocontamination!

A scientist imprisoned for nothing

Harassed by the pharmaceutical lobby, Dr Judy Mikovits, a biochemist, was arrested and imprisoned without charge. In these scandalously arbitrary times, she made a revolutionary act: she told the truth.

Liberated, she reveals in this video abominable things, where the thought of Rabelais is verified once again:  "Science without consciousness is that ruin of the soul". A civilization that no longer respects its best elites has no peaceful future. Poor humanity!

The courage and integrity of this brilliant scientist compel admiration.

The great trial of this biochemist illustrates what Plato said: "No one is more hated than he who speaks the Truth."

239 scientists dispute...

Like Professor Denis Rancourt, 239 scientists contest the mode of transmission of Covid-19 and publish an open letter in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases (CID), hence a statement in this : "Mask and barrier gestures are useless".

Deafening silence in the mainstream media...

Dr Alexov’s shattering revelations

, president of the Bulgarian Association of Pathology, said that "No one died of Covid-19", on the European continent. For him and his colleagues, the WHO is a "criminal medical organization". These revelations plunge the reader into perplexity about the true motivations of the WHO... 

Before wearing a mask...

As Patrick Wood explains in his article, people wearing a mask have forgotten that air is life! The fabric mask blocks some of the oxygen needed for good health. The most negative aspect, the person that he has just exhaled...

At a time when governments are forcing people to consume better to reduce CO2 levels, the cause of climate change, they are encouraging people to wear masks. What a charade!

Current medical assessment

n Belgium, Spain, Italy and France, the current medical record of confinement is pitiful.

According to the report by Dr Gérard Delépine, Surgeon Oncologist and Xavier Azalbert: "As of 29 May 2020, expressed per million inhabitants, the official mortality directly related to Covid-19 reached 810 in Belgium, 621 in Spain, 548 in Italy and 459 in France, countries committed to blind and police confinement, compared with 100 in Germany, 98 in Denmark and 4-7 in democratic Asian countries that have not confined their population."

Data from Professor Didier Raoult

Didier Raoult, infectiologist, director of the IHU Marseille, questions about hydroxychloroquine, deconfinement, the alleged second wave and the hysteria of some media.

Need I remind you? This professor of microbiology in Aix-Marseille is . With his team, he naturally fulfills his vocation, practises medicine, cares for people and achieves excellent, verifiable results; just read the data. Moreover, several countries apply its treatment (inexpensive) successfully.

Morality? Independence of mind always ends up placing its opponents before the mirror of ridicule.

The Covid-19 test trap

According to , President of Tanzania (doctor in chemistry), some screening kits are believed to be contaminated with Covid-19. After carrying out tests on a goat, a sheep and a papaya, the government brought the samples to the lab without mentioning where they came from after putting names on each test: the papaya was positive for Covid-19!

The implantation of the nanochip would already be at the screening stage...

The hidden side of Covid-19

Like any citizen, the artist must inform himself, because the information (verified) reduces a concern, which makes it possible to make the right decisions. In order to avoid being contaminated by single thought, the critical mind is more important than ever.

 (Source : ): This biologist’s study, specializing in microbiology, reveals the correlation between the pandemic and 5G. 

“Installing tens of millions of 5G antennas without a single biological safety test is probably the stupidest idea ever in the history of the world.” – Martin L. Pall, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry (Washington State University)

'Scientists from some 40 countries have launched an international call against 5G, which everyone can sign: (this text, available in French, deserves to be read in full). The authors of the call draw on more than 10,000 studies which conclude that electromagnetic waves are harmful. See the list of pathologies induced by these waves (p 3). For the time being, industry and governments are restless without regard to the opinion of scientists and in the total absence of democratic debate." (Source: )

On a global scale, the digital identification of each individual will only work through 5G, hence the prospect of a massive vaccination that will secretly inject the famous nanochip... "to saving lives", of course.

In your opinion, why did Donald Trump and ban the installation of a 5G antenna near their villa in California?...

It is not a conspiracy theory or fake news, it is the conspiracies that make History and not the other way around. To connect the dots, one must always remember the US creed engraved in the blue granite of the , of which here is the first commandment: "Maintain the world population under 500,000,000 people in harmony with nature." Except for insiders, the sponsor of this monument remains unknown.

In the dictionary, there are two words for this deadly idea: eugenics and depopulation.

Bees die from 5G...

For those who doubt the harmful radiation of the electromagnetic waves of the 5G cellular network, watch the of a Californian from Sierra Madre where we see what happens to bees between two antennas about 12 meters away. Imagine the consequences on the human race... a disaster!

Did you know? 5G uses waves identical to the Pentagon .

To fully understand the dystopia imposed on humanity, discover this edifying documentary by Sacha Stone.

The solution is the sky that sends it: destroy the 5G antennas by pulling on the cables. The animals kept an instinct of survival that we lost...