Abstract figuration

Since 2018, among all the themes that call for my inspiration, the landscape has now captured my attention. Its infinite diversity fascinates me, according to the regions, the seasons, the time; the same motif presents very changeable appearances under the varied play of light which color it with innumerable shades, in turn powerful or soft, exuberant or discreet, fine, rare, subtle.

The landscape sometimes exudes an imposing nobility; sometimes it adorns itself with a dazzling picturesque of bold and unexpected fantasy. But, always, he has a soul that I like to feel and understand: there is a genius of the place. There are many ways of seeing it, of translating it, and it is here that my personality and my taste for lyrical geometry come into play, quite naturally, when I commit myself to drawing, painting or photographing it. At the same time sensitive to the harmony of the lines, to the arabesque born of their assembly and seduced by the form and the color, I like to exalt the color in my paintings to value the simple and complex absolute forms. In a word, I need to order my gaze.

Since returning to my original roots, I am sometimes in search of the grandiose, the quiet strength or, on the contrary, I appreciate the humble motive that people pass before every day; nature offers us nothing banal, which we judge as such, is in reality, not seen, not understood: we must learn to see what is before our eyes. 

A landscape attracts me especially when it embodies the three spaces of the biosphere: lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere. However, nothing would be possible without the presence of the Sun, the source of all life. This brings together the four elements dear to the ancient Greeks: Earth, Water, Air and Fire.

Francis Gengoux.


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