Paintings and Premium digital printings on canvas

Digital Art

  • 48e degré secret, 2018
New technology obliges, the digital print knows a success increasing with the public and collectors seduced by the coeducation of art and science.

The digigraphie is at the same time a way of reproduction of a work (drawing, paint, photo) and a way of full expression. Within the framework of the European legislation, you will find a series of digigraphies on painting liveries with certificate Epson or Hahnemülhe, in limited edition.


  • Lettre à une Tahitienne, 2017
  • Lettre à une Tahitienne, 2017
  • La visiteuse, 2016
  • La visiteuse, 2016
  • Avec la comète Ison, 2014

In spite of the emergence of the new technologies, the paint always has a bright future in front of her. When everything goes furthermore fast, I think even that she represents an excellent refuge where the spirit of the modern man finds material with meditation.

A house without paint has no soul. Unique room, a paint likes be wished, it deserves. To choose a work in correspondence to his personality is already an art. Before buying, it's better consulting the quotation of the artist.