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"Very impressive! Do you teach online?..."

Kate (Great Britain)

"Waouuh Gengoux !!! Het is een prachtige abstracte kunst. Très beau."

Hilde (België)

"Hi Francis! I'd like to model your head."

Youri (Russia)

"Beautiful painting full of optimism... thank you for sharing."

Els  (Netherlands)

"Der Ort sieht wirklich aus wie gemalt ! Setzen Sie fort, mich träumen zu lassen..."

Katarina (Germany)

"Magic of the Internet. Mr. Gengoux, we still have your painting from Monaco... it hasn’t aged, and your art is still evolving. Complimenti."

Barbara e Aldo (Italia)

"Congratulations! You are a complete artist. I like to travel in your "Lettres". Great work."

Yimu-Yam (China)

Very favorites

Thank you for your appreciations 

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