A rare sight

For Earth, Neowise is no stranger: his last visit was 4,500 years ago. With its elliptical orbit, closest to us, on July 22 and 23, 2020, at 103 million kilometers (about the distance between Venus and the Sun). It won’t come back until 6,800 years from now. Hence its importance to the human race. 

Running at full speed towards the Sun, this icy and dusty rock warms up leaving behind an intriguing hair of several million kilometers. Like most comets, Neowise is a rubble abandoned by the solar system after its construction; 5 kilometers in diameter. A straw!...

Visible until the beginning of August one hour before sunrise and one hour after sunset, between the legs of the Big Bear, it is better to move away from the lights of the city to photograph it with long pose, so indispensable tripod. 

This comet reminds us of at least two things:

  1. The Earth does not belong to us, we belong to it;
  2. The Earth cools .

Bye bye, sweet France...

How can you translate the movement of the Yellow Vests into plastic language, without pouring into the tearful imagery? In these manifestations, there is a lot of yellow (life in distress) but also sulfur (spontaneity), green (hope), grey (sky), blue (jeans), purple (sadness), red (war wounds). black (law enforcement and black blocs) and white (street medic).

In a democracy, the blood of any protester should remain in his body because protesting is a constitutional right; therefore, I invite you to sign the petition initiated by , Neurosurgeon and Department Head of CHRU Besançon for a Moratorium on the use of sublethal weapons.

I dedicate this work to all Yellow Vests mutilated for life.

Letter to a Yellow Vest, 2019

Counter-day mosan, 2019


With the theme of Landscape, I gradually give up my oscillation between figuration and abstraction to meet my need for synthesis, by means of clean, dense and penetrating plastics. I aspire to a suggestive art, therefore abstract, without necessarily losing the figurative aspect. In other words, I have only one ambition: to see the real with the intelligence of the dream

Freÿr, right side, 2019

Nothing is solid

With this canvas, it seemed interesting to me to suggest the castle of Freÿr instead of showing it, by a row of trees on the edge of the Haute-Meuse : the Orangery disappears in the light of the backlight.

This approach allows to concentrate on the subject by releasing the touch of the yoke of his drawing, where mastery and improvisation sometimes compete with the star.

Nothing is solid,

Study for Birds, 2019

A great adventure

Watching the sun dance on the Meuse at the end of the afternoon, behind a row of trees, I could hear the birds without seeing them, I had the impression of hearing the singing of the trees.

Before I fell asleep, I let myself be lulled by the memory of this spectacle, cherishing it in my mind as an inestimable treasure. How to translate it into plastic emotion by abstract forms without killing the image ?

The next day, Birds' first studies were born, quite simply.


With abstract art, I build a bridge between my consciousness and the universe. I am convinced that a well-constructed, complex absolute form connects, by its points of force, cosmic energies and can harmonize the vibratory rate of our planet. Even if my intuition is not validated by science, I like this idea. In short, I am trying to synthesize geometric abstraction and lyrical abstraction, what I call geolyrism.

Lettre au Vimana, 2017

The quote

"A painting should be both abstract and figurative; abstract as a wall, figurative as a representation of a space." (Nicolas de Staël.)

Springing from an idea

At the end of the session, a few strokes of spatula and spalter to appreciate the birth of a germ of idea...

Making your own scales

Before painting, I like to study a range of complementary shades from a pure color (here vermilion) to understand its full vibratiion potential.

Live in the moment

A canvas to finish, a bunch of brushes in front of the open window, a corner of blue sky. The consciousness of the moment surprises me to dream...


Comparison, 2020

Precise drawing of the structure which is guessed under the painting (slate grey) by a light to semi-backlight.

In construction.

A few square centimetres of a work are enough to discover the temperament of a painter.


Sketch for Lettre à un Gilet Jaune, 2019. 

Despite a certain precision, there will be a great deal of improvisation in the execution of the work.

Pose of juices

Juice for Lettre à un Gilet Jaune, 2019.

Fragile, unpredictable step, the laying of juices determines all the plastic emotion; this is the moment when shapes and colors are chosen before making love...

Finished work

Lettre à un Gilet-Jaune,


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